New York Stories:
New York Stories is a series at the Stonewall Inn hosted by Nora Burns and featuring a line up of seasoned colorful, mostly 'downtown' New Yorkers tell a fast, fun, fabulous story from ‘back in the day’ (ie before New York City was full of trust funders with strollers - not that there’s anything wrong with that, well there is, but never mind).

The evening is full of tales from when New York City was a wonderland of fabulous freaks and misfit toys. When there were hookers instead of the Highline and you couldn't swing a Fiorucci jumpsuit without hitting a hopped up hustler. A time when the only kids you saw were club kids with giant diapers and Hitler mustaches, and the parks were full of nodding out junkies, cruising guys and rabid squirrels. There was sex everywhere, the music was great, the economy was bad, and the clothes were held together with electric tape.

Past nights have included such glittery Gothamites as Michael Musto, Anita Sarko, ChiChi Valenti, Kevin Sessums, Christopher Makos, Linda Simpson and Brenda Bergman. 

“wonderfully bitter, varied, and rich, with lots of love for the pre-Chipotle days….funny, and very fond” - Michael Musto (PAPER)

“Legendary” - Trey Speegle - WOW Report